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101 +Short Status For WhatsApp | Short WhatsApp Quotes

Get best Short Status For WhatsApp those are one liner,short,cool,creative and funny.In today’s world uploading status WhatsApp,Instagram,Facebook and on other Social Media Channels is a trend.But people love to read one line short Whatsapp Quotes.So ,In this post you will get Short Status For WhatsApp which you can upload on your WhatsApp and also share with your friends.

Slow Process Is Better Than No Progress

The Right Time To Start Is Now Or Never

If You Are Bad ,Then Call Me Your Dad

Live,Laugh And Love It’s A New Dawn Sunshine

The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things

I’m In My Own World

Work Hard Dream Big

I’M Sexy & I Know It

Time You Enjoyed Wasting Was Not Wasted

Focus On What You Can Control Not What You Can’t

I Don’T Trust Words, I Trust Actions

One Day! All Those Late Nights And Early Mornings Will PAY OFF.

Cool Short Status For WhatsApp

One Beautiful Hurt Is Better Than
A Thousand Of Beautiful Faces

What You Can Do Today Can Improve Your Tomorrow

If You Think You Can,You Can

The Only Failure Is Quiting!

I’m A Thinker,Not A Talker.

Always Hope But Never Expect

I Left Because You Never Asked Me To Stay

My Silence Is Expression Of Pain

I Prefer loneliness Over Fake Company.

Don’t Listen To What People Say
Watch What They Do.

Amazing Short Status For WhatsApp

Silence Is Better Than Unnecessary Drama

Learn To Wait There’s Always Time For Everything.

Dream Big.Start Small. Start Now

Success Is Not Always What You See

Humanity Is Greater Than Status

Never Tell Anyone Your Plans,
Show Them Your Results Instead

We All Are Bad In Someone’s Story

Feelings Are Just Visitors,
Lets Them Come And Go.

Be Someone’s Light When They Are Hopeless.

One Day I Will Learn How To Sleep Early

It All Started With A Dream

When You Angry Be Silent

I Prefer Loneliness Over Fake Company

This Day Can Be Great If You Make It

Stay Close To People Who Feel Like Sunshine

Train Your Mind To Stay Calm In Every Situation

Silence Is Better Than Unnecessary Drama.

My Favourite Hobby Is Making My Friend Angry

In The End You Only Have Yourself

What If I Am Not Perfect?
I’m Not Either,Who Is Anyway?

Repeat After Me
I Am Unique & Special

Latest Short Status For Whatsapp

Share Something That Make You Valuable

If You Are Bad, Then Call Me Your Dad

Status Under Construction

Be Like A Postage Stamp.Stick To A things Till You Get There

People Will Stare Make It Worth Their While

Be Brave Be Kind Be You

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Let’s Wander Where Wifi Is Weak

You Are Much Stranger Than You Think

Dream Hard Work Harder

Believe In Your Dreams

Only Do What Your Hearts Tell You

Today Is Going To Be Awesome”

You Will Never Have This Day Again So Make It Count

Happiness Is the Highest Level Of  Success

The Power Of Imagination Makes Us Infinite

You Grow Through What You Go Through

Everyday Is A Fresh Start

Everyday Is A Fresh Start

Be Your Own Reason To Smile

We Are What We Believe In 

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