Short travel prayer: Can I still fly with a short-haul ticket?

Travelers looking to book short- and medium-haul flights from the United States to places like Australia, India, and the Middle East should probably look at the cost of their ticket.

As part of its plan to compete with airfare providers, United Airlines is offering a discount to travelers who can afford to pay the cheapest fares.

United’s travel travel price promotion is rolling out across the US and will run through October.

The program is being offered for the next two weeks.

A United Airlines spokesperson confirmed to Recode that the promotion is “still rolling out” but did not provide further details.

“It’s great that customers can now save money by looking at travel rates,” said Jim Anderson, president and CEO of United.

“But travelers should understand the terms of their trip.”

In the United app, passengers can search for flights and find a flight’s price by selecting the drop-down menu.

The airline says that travelers should only use the lowest fare available.

If you’re not familiar with short- or medium-distance flights, here are some quick tips to help you make the most of your trip: Check the weather.

Weather is key to staying safe during a short trip.

The weather can change dramatically during a trip, which can mean more rain or snow.

United says the airline is constantly monitoring the weather and is always making adjustments.

When you book a flight, United is going to ask you to check the weather before you leave.

“If you check the forecast for the upcoming trip, we will let you know whether the weather will be mild or severe,” said United spokesperson Kevin Giddens.

“When you check in, we’ll provide you with your travel itinerary and your flight number so you can make sure you’re on track.”

If you have questions about your travel plans, you can always call United customer service and request a quote.