Why you need to wear shorts every day to save your life

DHL has announced the launch of the new DHL Short-Seekers, shorts designed to protect the wearer’s body from the elements while also protecting their clothes from water and dirt.

The shorts will be available in three sizes and a range of fabrics including wool, silk and polyester.

The new shorts are available to buy from the DHL online store and on their website.

The DHL shorts have the potential to save you money, but they can also be extremely expensive.

According to DHL, the shorts cost €29.95 for men and €30.85 for women, and it takes €20.30 to make a pair.

To save you some money, the company has released a short-list of recommended fabrics.

The short-listed fabrics include:Polyester, wool, cotton, nylon, silk, rayon and silk blend.

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, DHL recommends buying one of its new Short-Seal fabrics.

It will be made of nylon, rayons and cotton and will last for up to eight years.

The company is also launching a new product that will offer consumers protection from water while also reducing the chance of skin damage.

The new waterproof fabric, called “Short-Sole” by the company, will be designed for people with oily skin.

DHL says that “short-sole” is made from a blend of synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon and rayons.

The Short-sole will be offered in three colors: black, white and grey.

The waterproof shorts will cost €20 and will be sold through the DELP network of retailers.

DELPS stores will also be able to offer the shorts to customers with a range for €19.99 each.

The brand has also announced a new range of products designed to help people with cold and flu symptoms.

Deltas new product is the new Shortwear, which will be introduced to the market in November.

The products will include the Deltasy, which has the “Long-Sleeve” and “Short sleeve” shorts.

The Long-Sleeves Short-wear is made of polyester and cotton, while the Short-seams Long-sleeves are made of wool and cotton.

The Short-sleeve shorts will come in four different lengths, ranging from 36 to 48 inches and will cost between €39.99 and €54.99.

The shorts will also feature a microfiber fabric to keep your skin hydrated.

The microfibre fabric will be coated with a thin layer of polyamide to keep moisture in your body.

The other new product from DHL will be the “Breeze”, which has a “Long sleeve” and a “Short Sleeve” shorts, while a “Cool Breeze” has the Long- Sleeve and the Short Sleeve.

The “Cool breezes” shorts will have a removable hood to keep them dry while you sleep and will come with a polyester lining to prevent water damage.

The latest DHL products have already been launched on the company’s website.

The company says that the DLA’s new products will offer a range that is “designed to help you to save money while also saving your life”.

The DLA Short-shorts are available for pre-order from December 13.

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