What to know about DuChamp’s travel shorts

Travel shorts are back!

DuChamps is back with a new travel shorts line, which looks to capitalize on the trend toward smaller, more practical travel shorts.

DuChs Travel shorts line features a new version of the popular Travel Short Travel System, which is now available in the form of a pair of travel shorts with the Travel Short System 2.0.

The Travel Short travel system 2.00 features the same travel shorts system as the Travel System 1.0 travel shorts but with a higher-quality material for comfort and functionality.

Like the Travel Series 1.00, the Travel series 2.x travel shorts feature a polyurethane upper and lower shell that gives them extra durability.

The travel shorts also feature a removable inner lining for moisture-wicking features and a new fabric and a higher tech lining for comfort.

The two travel shorts are available in three different styles, with the first model offering the classic black and white look and a dark-colored exterior, while the second offering a more modern black and red look.

The third style is the new white and black.

Duchamps also launched the Travel Pants 2.5 with an improved comfort and breathability, which features an elastic waistband that provides extra support for your legs, and the new, improved elastic waistline for a more comfortable fit.

The new travel pants also feature more stretch than previous versions, as well as a wider fit.

Duchells Travel Short is now on sale at the company’s online store.

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