Man, 50, dies after crossing sea to South Africa

Man, who was 50, has died after crossing the South African coast to the country of his birth, according to his brother.

Mateus is survived by his wife and three children.

His brother, Peter, said Mateus was a keen amateur fisherman, who enjoyed boating and boating trips and was fond of the Cape.

He was a man who was very passionate about fishing, Mr Mateus said.

“He loved all the fishing activities, he loved the water and he loved living in Cape Town,” Mr Mateuss said.

“He was not afraid of any sort of weather conditions and he was just a happy person.”

Mates family were alerted to his death by a boat passenger, Mr Matus said, who had flagged down a Coast Guard helicopter after Mateus lost contact with the vessel he was travelling on.

“The helicopter had been called to the coast in a very strong wind at the time,” Mr Matuses brother said.

The Coast Guard did not release details of the rescue and rescue operations.

Cape Town City’s police commissioner said police were assisting in the investigation into the man’s death.