What happens when you go from being a regular guy to being a professional basketball player?

When a player is playing in the NBA, it’s common to see him wear a suit or pants with a hood.

For many people, this is the norm.

But what happens when a player decides to dress up as a superhero?

What if you want to wear a mask?

When does it become a crime to wear one?

And what happens if you’re a basketball player and you want a suit jacket?

Can you wear one to a professional game?

These are some of the questions posed by a new project to educate the public about the law regarding wearing a mask at the NBA.

The group, the League for Non-Violent Sports, launched the project last week with a video that showed several people dressed as Spider-Man and Deadpool.

The idea was to educate people about what constitutes a criminal offence and how it differs from the normal dress code at the games.

The goal was to show the community that not all crimes are the same, and that the law is not a blank check to offend someone.

“We wanted to be able to educate more people about how the laws are interpreted at the venues, and the potential consequences of violating the law,” said Dinesh Bhan, the group’s executive director.

“There are different kinds of crimes, so people should not assume they’re automatically going to be charged with any of those crimes.”‘

If it happens once, it happens all the time’Dinesh said the goal was not to incite criminal activity, but to show people how the law applies at sporting events.

“It was not a one-time offence, it was something we thought we should be able [to] educate people on,” he said.

“But it’s not like if a kid sees someone in a costume on the street and starts dressing up like him, it will be a crime, it’ll happen every time.”

So it’s a matter of what’s the risk of it happening to you?

If it happens to you, what are the consequences?

And it’s also a matter [of] what are you going to do with it, and what are your friends going to think?

“The video shows the members of the League wearing a variety of costumes, including one that had Deadpool wearing a helmet and a mask, and a pair of cowboy boots.

The video also included the players wearing masks, with some even going as far as putting their heads under the hood and removing their masks altogether.”

What’s more important than being able to play basketball, is that you’re able to be a good citizen and behave like a good human being,” one person says in the video.

The video also included the players wearing masks, with some even going as far as putting their heads under the hood and removing their masks altogether.

The NBA has strict dress codes, with players being required to wear black, grey or no-contact clothing.

It also stipulates that players must wear an open shirt, a hooded top or face cover.

Dineslaid out in his video, the players also discussed how the league has been involved in the discussion of whether or not it’s OK to wear masks at sporting competitions.

The league is not the first to raise this question.

The NBA has been working with its officials to come up with a dress code that includes a variety, but there has been a lack of consensus on the issue.

Last month, a panel of judges from various sports organizations came up with their own guidelines.

In an effort to address this, the NBA announced it will create an advisory group that will provide input on the topic.

A spokesperson for the league declined to comment on the specifics of the league’s proposed dress code, but said the league is looking at ways to educate fans about the dress code and have a discussion on it.

“As we continue to look at how to create a uniform policy that better represents our fans, the league continues to work with its league officials, including the commissioner, and its uniform code development committee to develop uniform policies that best reflect the diverse fan experience at all levels of our sport,” the spokesperson said.

In an email, the Department of Justice said the NBA has had a number of discussions with stakeholders in the community regarding the issue of mask laws.

“In a recent meeting, league officials were clear that they are committed to creating a uniform, non-mask policy that addresses the diversity of the sport and allows players to wear face coverings, including those worn by members of our community,” the DOJ spokesperson said in a statement.

“In the coming months, we will also continue to engage with stakeholders to identify best practices for uniform policies across sports, including with regard to the use of helmets, the use and display of face coverages, and any other areas of uniform policy where the use or display of masking is required by law.”

The NBA is not alone in the league in having a diversity of players.

The US Olympic team has been