DHL: ‘I want my business to be the best it can be’

Long-haul travellers are getting a big push to use DHL’s low cost service, with the Danish company adding another layer of convenience to the industry.

The DHL service is currently available to short-haul flights, but now the company is expanding it to domestic flights. 

DHL announced that the service would be available in its “most trusted brands” this summer, and in the meantime will be available to all long-haul travel. 

In addition to the standard DHL standard, the company will be adding a special feature to the service that it calls “DHL DHL”, or “DEL”. 

“DEL is a convenient, cost-effective way to travel with a DHL courier service for longer distances,” the company said in a blog post. 

“For a limited time only, DEL will be offered at select DHL destinations across the US, UK, France, Italy, Canada and Australia.” 

“Del is an ideal way to carry goods and baggage between destinations without a car, a taxi, or a driver, or with minimal traffic and a flat fare.” 

DEL was first introduced to the US in 2015, and the new service is expected to roll out to more locations over the coming months. 

The service will be priced at a flat price of $29.95 per month and will be accessible through the app and online. 

If you’re in the US and you are not already using DHL, you can sign up here to get started.

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