Long-distance flights with Lsu short-travel visas are no longer possible, says WUotes

Lsu’s short-visa travel visas are now out of date and no longer available for long-distance flying, the airline said in a statement on Wednesday.

It said the visa system had been in place since the early 1990s, allowing passengers to stay longer on short-haul flights.

However, it said that the visa had now been removed from its website and passengers could no longer book a flight with it.

It added that short-stay visas had been “a key part of the Lsu business model”.

Lsu said it was considering taking action against those who were in breach of the visa rules, and that it would not renew the visas.

“We will consider our options as to what can be done next,” the airline wrote.

It has been in administration since March last year.

The company, which has around 500 flights a year between China and Hong Kong, said it would continue to offer short-distance visa packages to its customers until the visa changes were made permanent.

It was not clear if the move was prompted by the recent arrest of the former chairman, Lin Zhixin, and was a result of his removal from office.

The airline’s chief executive, Lu Wei, was also banned for life from flying on its flights on Wednesday, though it did not specify how long that ban would last.

The ban on Lin and Wuhu, the company’s Chinese regional chief, had led to a drop in passenger numbers at the airport, although it has since rebounded.

It remains to be seen whether the change in policy will be enough to help the airline’s fortunes.

Wuhua, which also operates short-flight flights between Beijing and Hong Mac, is owned by the Chinese state-run China National Aviation Corporation.

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