Why shorts are the most popular sport in India, according to a survey

By Nivedita Sreenivasan and Arjun Dhar By NIVENDS NEWS / Staff, NEW DELHI – Sep 10, 2018: A woman in a skirt walking outside a market in New Delhi on September 9, 2019.

By NEDA SAMANTHI / Staff / Staff ReporterFor years, India has been the world’s second-largest consumer of travel shorts.

The country has grown increasingly adventurous in its footwear and accessories purchases, with most of the demand coming from the developing world.

But this trend is also attracting a new group of consumers who travel to more expensive destinations in search of a more stylish way to show off.

The shorts are a great way to do that.

The shorts, made of nylon, are available in a range of styles, ranging from cheap to high-end.

The price tag for a pair ranges from about $15 to $60, with the most expensive ones costing up to $1,500.

It’s also becoming more popular with Indian men.

According to research firm Euromonitor, shorts were the most-popular clothing item in the country for the third consecutive year in 2018.

A survey conducted by a travel marketing firm, Footwear.com, also found that the shorts are widely accepted by men and women alike.

Footwear surveyed over 1,000 consumers in India and across five categories.

Footstix, the official website of Footwear, asked people if they had worn shorts in the past and what they liked about them.

“The shorts are an extremely stylish way for men to show their style and style they have come to know,” Footstax’s co-founder and CEO Rakesh Rana told NDTV.

“The shorts can be a great travel accessory and are a must for any man.”

A survey from the agency, Footstacare, showed that in 2019, the average price of a pair of shorts in India was Rs 8,000.

The highest price for shorts in this survey was $6,200, which translates into an average price for a suit and tie.