When does this bus trip last?

We were driving through the countryside and it was a bit early for our trip, but it was still an early start.

We were just starting to get our bearings as we drove along the main road.

The morning sunlight filtered through the windows of the bus and we noticed a lone tree.

It was the tree of a young man who looked to be in his twenties or thirties.

He looked as if he had just come out of a cave.

We stopped the bus to talk to him.

He had a bus ticket and his wife and daughter were travelling with him.

As we talked to him he said, “I am in the country, travelling to visit a friend.

I don’t have a job and have no money.

Please give me a few hours to pack my bags.”

We were so moved by the young man’s story that we wanted to know more about his situation.

So, we decided to visit him in person.

We decided to stay overnight in a hotel in Karsi, a town some three hours away.

We made a video of our encounter with the young person and uploaded it to YouTube.

As soon as the video hit the web, the internet exploded with comments on the video, the young men’s stories and how they had been treated by the authorities.

We received messages of support from the locals, the media and even from our own family.

The young man had already been offered a job, had the opportunity to earn money and his story was a welcome boost to our lives.

However, it wasn’t the end of the story.

He was still trying to find work, was unemployed and struggling to pay his debts.

We found out that he was living with his family, his elderly mother and father, his father’s brother and his mother’s sister.

His brother has a heart condition and his sister has epilepsy.

He has no idea how to pay the debts he owes and can’t even afford to pay for the medicines he needs to live.

This is not a man who deserves to be on a bus.

In fact, it’s a sad situation that we are facing.

We want to take a positive step by visiting the young people and their families to show our support for them and our country.

In a few days, we will go back and take our trip with them again, this time as part of the group of journalists covering the conflict in Syria.

We have been doing this for the past two years and have received many positive responses from the local communities.

The situation is so dire in Syria and the situation is getting worse.

We are a team of reporters, but we are all trying to report the news as honestly and objectively as possible.

We wanted to bring the plight of the young Syrian people to the attention of the world.

If we can make a positive difference in their lives, we would be doing our job.

In the video we have recorded, we have been sharing our story with the local people in Kursk.

We hope that the videos we make will help people around the world understand the plight and injustice of the Syrian people.

We know we have to do more and more to help them.

We also hope that our videos will be used by others to show their solidarity with the Syrian families and help bring about a positive change in their situation.

This article originally appeared on the BBC World Service website.