How to sleep on the plane

Travelers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of air travel options when they travel, and airlines are stepping up to the plate.

Lately, a number of airlines are offering short-haul flights from cities such as Sydney and Melbourne to destinations such as Thailand, Singapore, and more.

But what are they doing to get travelers to go longer?

Traveler fatigue is becoming a big issue, and the issue isn’t just restricted to short-distance flights.

Some airlines are also turning to shorter-haul service to attract more passengers, and there are also suggestions from airlines that they are trying to reduce the cost of flights by using the longer flights as an excuse to boost revenue.

Luxury airlines and hotel chains are also stepping in to try to alleviate some of the concerns over the long-haul.

Travelers are increasingly frustrated by the lack for air travel, according to a new survey from travel agency Lsu Travel Short’s, which found that 37% of those surveyed are less likely to travel to an international airport compared to 10% who have already booked their flight.

Lsu Travel short’s also found that, as of June 2017, there were only 20% fewer domestic flights booked to destinations than a year earlier, and in many cases, they are even more limited.

Airlines are looking to the longer distance to help boost revenueLuxurious travel agencies are stepping in with a new initiative to get passengers to choose longer-haul options.

The long-distance travel companies are taking on the long distance travel market, and are partnering with airline carriers to offer passengers the opportunity to book their flights from destinations such in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

These long-flight destinations include Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore (and more), and Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Canberra, as well as Hong Kong and Tokyo.

However, it’s not just the long flights that are being offered, but also the short- and medium-haul services.

For example, the Lsu travel Short’s survey also found airlines are taking a hard look at the longer-distance options, with a majority of respondents having been booked longer flights than the previous year.

When it comes to the short trips, the average duration of a short flight was 15 hours, whereas it was 14 hours for the medium and long distance options.

Lifeline to long-range travel, however, is not as easy as it seemsLuxor, one of Australia’s leading travel agencies, said it has seen an increase in the number of people calling its services.

“We’ve had a number who have contacted us recently saying they’ve booked flights, but they don’t know where to start because of the long distances,” said Lofa.

“The reality is there’s no such thing as a ‘short’ flight, but there are a lot of short options out there.”

Lofa has a number recommendations for short-term flights.

The first is the option to book your flight from an airport in a city such as Singapore, Hong-Kong or Singapore, or from a place such as Bangkok.

This can mean connecting to a plane that is in a terminal at the airport, or by hopping on a connecting flight from a major airport.

The second is to book a direct flight from the capital of the country to a location outside the capital.

For example: booking from Hong Kong or Tokyo can be done via Singapore or Tokyo, or booking from Sydney can be performed via Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Melbourne.

A third recommendation is to call Lofac, which is a travel agency based in Melbourne that is able to arrange flights to the rest of Australia.

This means a single call can connect you with a local operator and allow you to travel in a short amount of time.

“This is great for people who are travelling from Sydney or Melbourne, who may want to go overnight in Sydney or have a day or two off and get to their destination,” Lofar said.

Other recommendations include travelling from a country such as the Philippines, which allows you to book from a specific airport.

This could mean a flight from Hong-kong to Bangkok, for example.

Lofac also recommends the option of flying in advance, as this is when most people book their flight, and is when people are likely to arrive more quickly than they would normally.

“If you have a short-stop option, you’ll be flying into a destination where you’re likely to have a long-stay, as opposed to a long airport where you can get on and off as you please,” Lofer said.

Lofer has also found there are other travel options that offer shorter trips, such as taking a train from Sydney to Sydney.

The longer-range option is to buy a train ticket that can take you to a destination outside of the capital city, but for longer trips, like for business, this is a much cheaper option.For those