Short travel unis in Sydney and Brisbane to get you there without getting stuck

Short travel bikes are back in style in Sydney with the arrival of short travel bikes, and they’re not just limited to Sydney.

The city’s Short Travel Network, a travel company with the slogan “We offer a safe, affordable and sustainable travel option,” is opening a Sydney and Melbourne location in Brisbane.

There are also three other locations planned in Brisbane, and the company has opened an office in Adelaide. 

The Short Travel bike service will be available in all three locations, but the company is also planning to open a Brisbane location in 2018. 

“We’ve got our sights set on Melbourne in 2018 and we are planning to do the same in Sydney,” Short Travel CEO Jason Stahl told The Hill. 

In addition to the new locations, Short Travel has a number of new partnerships with Australian brands. 

It is partnering with the iconic Australian brand Fruit of the Loom to carry a range of short bikes.

The company is launching an Australian bike store in Adelaide in 2018, with stores in Brisbane and Melbourne also planned. 

Also, Short is bringing on a partner from Australia’s Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea to offer its long-distance bicycle service. 

Short Travel bikes are a great way to travel from Sydney to Brisbane without having to leave your city. 

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