What to know about travel shorts from the NFL and NFL teams

The NFL is trying to sell its travel shorts in a new fashion: as accessories.

The league, which has been trying to find ways to sell travel shorts to fans since the NFL launched its new travel program in 2013, said Monday it has teamed with clothing company Duchamp, a luxury apparel company.

It will offer a travel version of its popular travel shorts that will be available for purchase by players in a pair of the shorts that have been popular among NFL fans.

The new travel shorts are designed for football players, who are typically wearing full-length shorts in the cold and wet weather.

The new travel versions are made to work with the latest technology, including a heat-activated layer and air circulation that helps keep the shorts cool and comfortable.

Duchamps shorts also have the ability to expand into a variety of different sizes.

The shorts are the latest in a series of products the NFL is making available in the future, the league said.

They are also part of the league’s “Shorts for Life” initiative, which is designed to keep players in the best shape possible and encourage them to spend more time outdoors.

In 2018, the NFL said it will sell more than $2 billion worth of travel shorts.

The shorts are currently sold in the NFL Shop in Dallas and online at Duchambs.com.

They also can be purchased at Nike and other retailers.

The NFL has been working on the shorts for life initiative for years, and last year, the company said it was adding the shorts to the 2018 NFL Travel Kit.

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