How to get to Fjallrapne and back without a passport

I was told I had to get a passport before I could travel to Norway.

So I packed my bag and drove.

In the back of the car, a Norwegian policeman sat down beside me.

He told me I could go through the gate and get my passport.

I thought, ‘OK, now I can leave’.

I was going to Norway, he said.

I was not going to go through a gate.

But he did tell me that if I wanted to go I would have to get my own passport.

It was so unfair.

I didn’t know what was happening.

I went to the airport and told the Norwegian police officer that I had a passport.

He was surprised that I hadn’t been using a passport, and said he didn’t think that was right.

I told him it was a matter of safety.

I had been to Norway before and I didn and I wasn’t going to let them do that to me.

I asked him why I hadn�t used my passport, but he told me that the Norwegian authorities had already told him I had. I couldn�t understand why they were giving me a reason to be worried about something I hadn��t done.

They should have given me a warning, said the policeman.

I walked out of the airport, leaving behind my passport and my wallet.

I returned home, got my passport back and got back to work.

In Norway, I felt completely free.

It�s amazing that people think you can go anywhere in the world, anytime, anywhere, for free.