A travel agency is taking aim at short-sighted puns traveling punts

Traveling puns have been a staple of the internet for years, but one company is taking a shot at shortening the list.

“We have seen a trend of shortening travel puns,” said a spokeswoman for TripAdvisor, which helps people find places to stay.

“This is an issue that we are constantly looking at, and we want to work to address.”

The company’s new rules are aimed at the most popular travel pun on TripAdress, and will make them more “compelling and more meaningful.”

For example, it will now only show a pun on the first name of a person who’s traveling.

“It doesn’t mean that the pun has to be an obvious pun,” the spokeswoman said.

Instead, it’ll now highlight the pun when it’s shown on the homepage or when someone is looking for a place to stay online.

Also, the company said it’s adding a warning when a pun is already shown in the site’s travel pun sections.

But it won’t automatically remove a pun when a user clicks on a link to a different pun.

And it’ll also only show the pun in a section where the user can’t leave feedback, like on Tripadvisor’s Feedback section.

The new rules also say they’re also targeting the worst puns on TripAddict, a popular travel guide that was one of the first sites to start removing puns.

“If you’re looking to find a place or a hotel to stay, we are not going to show you a pun that doesn’t make sense,” said TripAdict’s director of product marketing, Adam Himmelsbach.

He also said that while the company’s policies are flexible, it doesn’t change how it treats puns that are in the “wrong” place.

“Some people just want to make a fun pun, while others just want their pun to be clear,” he said.

“But they should be consistent.”

Travelers can still find other puns, though.

For example: “The world’s smallest bird, the white-footed mouse, has the same number of legs as a man.”

And “the most popular holiday in Asia, New Year’s Eve, is a holiday.”

(This is a pun.)

Also, TripAdjects also uses a pun-filled section of its site.

For instance, you’ll see a pun “What’s the difference between the ‘lollipop’ and ‘lickitick’?” When you click on it, it reads “Lollipop: a delicious, salty, and sweet, sweet, sugar-free dessert.

Lickitik: a hot, spicy, and sticky, sweet and salty snack.”

It’s a pun in which the name is confusingly similar to the name of an ice cream flavor.

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