Short travel puns: What to do with short-traveling industries

Short-travelers: I hear you’re looking for more time to travel, but what do you do when you can’t afford to go to a convention or a film festival?

Well, the short travel industry is booming.

There’s an endless supply of short-shorts, short trips, and short travel sites all across the country.

The internet is full of short travel websites, as well as blogs and social media outlets.

The short travel pun has its roots in the 1980s, when the short film industry thrived, but it was still relatively unknown until the late 1990s, according to a recent study by the nonprofit organization Short Travel Research.

“We’ve had a short travel culture that’s still alive today,” said Nicole Hovde, senior vice president of communications for the Short Travel Industry Association.

“It’s one of those things that has grown out of the internet and social networking and technology.

You can go to an airport, or an airport lounge, and find something you’re interested in.”

Some travel-oriented businesses are expanding the offerings.

In June, Marriott announced it was bringing its short-stay Marriott hotels and resort to the internet, with hotels in Las Vegas and Orlando.

And the Short Trip Network, which is operated by the Travel Industry Alliance, is planning to expand to include hotels, hotels, and other short-haul destinations.

“Short travel has been growing very rapidly, and is one of the fastest-growing segments of travel today,” Hovse said.

“Our mission is to bring people the joy of traveling with the convenience of a short stay.”

There are a variety of ways short-traffic sites can cater to a variety or demographic of travelers, said Lauren Miller, vice president for global marketing for Short Traveling Industries.

Some sites allow visitors to reserve a room for a week, while others offer discounted rates and other perks.

Short-traffickers often prefer shorter, shorter stays, Miller said.

If a short-trip hotel is popular enough, other hotels might offer discounts or other perks, as long as the traveler doesn’t have a long-term hotel reservation.

Some short-travellers have created their own website or social media presence, but they’re not necessarily trying to market themselves as short-traders.

For example, if you’re a short traveler, Miller added, “You could create a Facebook page, a website, and you can even sell products, so it’s not just a short trip.”

In recent years, travel sites have grown exponentially in popularity.

In 2010, only about half of travelers had ever visited a travel site, according the National Travel Survey, a quarterly survey conducted by the Association of Travel Agents.

Today, the share of short travelers in the travel industry has risen to nearly two-thirds.

“I think the short travelers have become a more visible segment,” Miller said, “because they’re a more valuable asset for businesses that are trying to attract that segment.”

The short-time travel industry includes everything from bookings to lodging, from flights to flights from the U.S. to Mexico, and even hotel reservations.

“Travelers tend to have shorter stays than hotels,” said Hovke, “but if you want a short holiday or a short vacation, you can book that at a hotel, or book a short flight.”

Short travel sites often offer travelers a way to book a vacation, including the option of a room.

In May, Short Travel Network announced it would offer hotel room reservations, which it said will be available through its website in September.

“There are always hotels and short-term travel websites that are offering hotels for short travel trips,” Miller added.

“If you want to book hotel room, or even short-ride flights, you have to go through a hotel reservation agency.

You’ll need to go up to the booking agent and say, ‘Can you help me book a room?’

They will give you a referral link, and then you can call them.

If you book a flight or hotel, they will provide you with a reservation.

If they don’t have that service, you’ll have to find someone who does.”

If a hotel or flight booking site does not work out, short-visitors can always call a hotel booking agent to arrange a room, according Short Travel Marketing, a company that specializes in short-distance tourism.

The company is also working on a short tour of the U to help travelers discover what to expect during a short time.

“As long as they don´t have a short journey, they can do the tour of Las Vegas or Florida,” Miller explained.

“They can do it as a one-week tour, and it will be the same experience.”

Short-time travelers can also sign up for a short ride for a day, but some sites are offering short-fare packages.

A few travel sites offer a package that includes overnight