A short trip on the short-haul aircraft takes place

The story of the short plane flight in New Zealand that took place on March 10, 2017, is now one of aviation history.

The story of that flight is told in the new book, Shortplane, by a group of Australian journalists who spent five weeks travelling around New Zealand in search of a plane that would take them on an adventure.

They were on their way to cover the Auckland Marathon when they decided to take a short trip.

On their journey, the group met some of the most famous people in New Zealander life, including Prime Minister John Key and his wife, Kate, and then flew out to Dunedin for a wedding.

The book is full of stories about people who have flown the plane, from a boy on the back of a motorcycle in New Hampshire to the owner of a car dealership in Auckland.

The group also met a group who flew a small plane from the Pacific Ocean to South Africa, and met a young woman who travelled on a small Boeing 737-700 from Auckland to Darwin, then back to Auckland for a visit to her parents.

There is also a bit of the ordinary: an elderly woman who flies an aeroplane from Brisbane to Hobart for a holiday, and an American businessman who flies a Boeing 727 from Auckland for work.

In New Zealand, you might call it the “flight of an afternoon”, and it was a memorable one.

The flight took place at about 4pm local time, the flight time being 12 hours and 45 minutes.

The plane landed at Auckland airport, with the passengers taking off on a short-hitch plane.

It was a typical Auckland morning.

The passengers were taken to their cars and told to sit in their designated seats.

A small plane is driven out of Auckland.

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