How to plan a great trip to New Zealand

Auckland Airport has launched a “digital tourism guide” that aims to help travelers make the most of their trip to the New Zealand mainland.

Key points:The guide will give travellers a guidebook and the opportunity to buy a trip package to NZ’s main islandRural travellers should take advantage of Auckland’s “digital tour” option, with discounted prices for visitors from Auckland and the West CoastThe guide also contains information on how to book flights to New Zeland and other areas of New ZealandThe Auckland Airport website and app are offering a 30 per cent discount to visitors from the New Zephyr region of the South Island.

It also has a guide for New Zealand travellers on the Island of New Caledonia and the Pacific Ocean.

“We are offering our travellers a very special package to New York, where they can enjoy a unique tour of New York City, visit some of the most spectacular sights in New York and explore some of New Jersey’s best attractions,” Auckland Airport said.

“New Zealand is also the perfect destination for a day trip, especially during spring and fall.”

It is offering the travel package for visitors to New Jersey from Auckland Airport, as well as New York from Auckland, New York.

“For visitors from New Zealand, Auckland Airport offers a 30-percent discount on the booking of their flight to New England from Auckland,” it said.

The 30-per-cent discount applies to New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Auckland Airport also said the guide will provide a travel itinerary for visitors visiting New Zealand from the US and Canada.

“To help ensure your visit is a memorable one, we have created this guide and travel package,” it added.

“Travelers from New York can travel to the city of New Orleans in the US for the day, while New Jerseyers can enjoy some of America’s best destinations, including the beach, the Statue of Liberty and the Blue Ridge Mountains.”

New Zealand Tourism Authority director of travel services John Clements said Auckland Airport’s digital tour offered “a new way of travel”.

“With Auckland Airport offering a range of New Zebu attractions and opportunities, including some of our best beaches in New Zealand and some of North America’s finest scenery, we feel that this digital tour is an excellent addition to Auckland Airport.”

The NZTA said travellers from the South Pacific could also choose from New Jersey to visit the New Jersey islands of St Augustine, St Croix and Monterey Bay.

“With New York State and the City of New Yorkers as our two largest destinations, it is not surprising that Auckland Airport is a great choice for tourists from these two areas,” it noted.

New Zealand’s tourism industry was hit hard by the global economic crisis in the early months of this year.

Tourism from New England and New York was worth NZ$13.7 billion in 2014, the most recent year for which figures are available.