How to take advantage of the best deals from The Globe & Mail on the road

You’ve got a new favourite airline, an offer you’ve never heard of and you need a flight to the destination.

So you decide to take a shortcut.

You buy your ticket online, and it’s booked online.

When you’re in Canada, this is called a ticket-sharing service.

But what if you want to take the shortest route, and there’s no online booking system?

How do you get around the rules?

You need to book on your phone.

And the best way to do that is to use a service called Short Travel Key.

There are several of them, and they have a lot of perks.

For example, if you book a flight on a Short Travel key, you can book an airline that has a shorter itinerary, and your flight will arrive earlier than usual.

That way you can get in earlier and catch the flight you’re looking for, or at least avoid it altogether.

For some people, they’re even great for finding deals at stores like Best Buy and Target.

“The main thing I like about Short Travel Keys is that it allows you to buy a ticket in advance,” says Mike Zielinski, a Toronto-based blogger who blogs about travel.

“You can buy a travel book at a store like Bestbuy or Target and it will show you the best deal available.

So it’s an efficient way to get around.”

The downside to this is that the service may be a little slow, but Zielinks says that the shorter routes can be worth it if you’re trying to make a few quick and cheap stops.

“If you’ve got one day in the trip, you’re saving a little bit on gas,” he says.

“But if you have four days in the year, you might want to save more.”

Zielinskis and his wife, Kate, have two kids, a 10-year-old and a 6-year of age.

When they were looking for a quick trip to Las Vegas, they found a short-travel service that offered a discount on their next flight.

“I booked my trip, and we got our ticket,” Zielinsky says.

Kate’s husband, who’s also a travel blogger, also got a discounted ticket, and Zielansky says the process was relatively simple.

He simply sent Kate a text message, asked for her contact details, and then waited until he received her confirmation.

“And that’s it,” Ziolinski says.

That’s when the couple started taking the shorter route.

“We’re really happy with it, and I love it.

I can do this, and the kids will love it, too,” Ziliksy says.

The travel blogger and travel blogger are both in their 30s, and both travel in Canada.

They are both parents, and their kids are growing.

Zielanski’s kids are in kindergarten.

He says that when he’s in the United States, he can go anywhere, and he can get a flight.

He also uses Short Travel keys as a shortcut, sometimes for as little as $5.

He thinks the savings are worth it.

“Short Travel Keys can be very useful for people who are looking for quick travel,” Zilinski says, adding that it can also be useful for those who want to travel on short notice.

“They can save a lot more on their tickets, and if they need to make it in one day, they can book the flight.

And if they’re going to Vegas or Las Vegas for a few days, they may be willing to do it for a lot less,” he adds.

“It’s definitely worth a shot for a short trip.”

Short TravelKey can be found on or by calling 1-800-927-7872.

The Best of The Globe and Mail’s travel section.

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