Why ‘everyday’ travel shorts are so special

Everyday travel is the best travel shorts that have been made and that make us want to travel again.

It is all about the stories, the music and the characters, all of which are a pleasure to watch and understand.

So it is not surprising that we are obsessed with these shorts, which are made in different genres and by different people.

Everyday Travel shorts have been in our hands since 2005 and are one of the few travel shorts produced by a foreign-owned company.

The shorts have also made the list of best short films of the year.

These shorts are the result of a team of filmmakers, producers and editors working together to create a unique travel story, and this is why we have been counting down the 10 best shorts.1.

“A Visit to the Land of the Golden Apple” by Laxmi Bhattani and Pradeep Sharma2.

“The Girl Who Saved My Life” by Anjali Sharma and Manoj Mishra3.

“Kilimanjaro” by Shruti Kumar and Sangeeta Kumar4.

“Anatomy of a Story” by Ramit Kumar and Akshay Kumar5.

“Sangam” by Ashok Kishan and Anushka Sharma6.

“Vikas” by Vijay Kumar and Darshan Kumar7.

“No Time for Love” by M.S.N. Vaidya and A. Sankaran8.

“Tantra” by D. K. Sharma9.

“Losing My Hair” by Amit Kumar and Naveen Kumar10.

“Rajkumar” by Bipan Das11.

“Haiti” by Jeevan Joshi12.

“Ongoing” by Ramesh Kapoor13.

“Darshan and The One” by V. S. Ramaswamy14.

“Wangari” by Rajkumar15.

“Shriyad Bhati”16.

“Jungle” by Akshaye Kumar17.

“Cherish My Happiness” by Arvind Kumar and Parag Chatterjee18.

“Wealth of the People” by Sangeeti Kumari and Arundhati Kaur19.

“Pineapple Story” and “A Journey to the Country” by Chanda Mistry and Raju Mishra20.

“One Year in Tibet” by Prabhupada Bhaskar21.

“Nepal Trip” by P.K. Sood22.

“Fool for Love and Fool for Gold” by Devendra Prasad and Arup Srivastava23.

“What a Wonderful World” by Sanjay Singh and Ramkrishna Agrawal24.

“When It’s Your Time” by Uday Chopra and Shanti Bhushan25.

“Chasing the Moon” by Manoj Sharma and Aamir Khan26.

“You Are Me” by Samir and Arjun Kumar27.

“In Love With You” by Abhishek Chopra28.

“India” by Kunal Nayak and Abhijit Kumar29.

“It’s a Beautiful World” and”My Love is Indian” by Amrita Ghosh30.

“This Is Not a Game” by Bhavani Mukherjee31.

“Escape from Mumbai” by Naina Dharania and Rajkummar Rao32.

“Mala” by Gopal Ghosh and Rajesh Kumar33.

“Bijan” by Vinod Rai and Rajit Jain34.

“I Saw the Fire” by Mukesh Ambani and Ranbir Singh35.

“My Friend” by T.V. Prabhakar and Ankit Singh36.

“Everyday” by Sunil Jain and Sajid Hussain37.

“Love Story” from Dabur Singh and Anuj Kumar38.

“Never Give Up” by Alia Bhatt, Ranjana Mukherji and Prabhu Singh39.

“Life and Love” from Shabnam Jha and Ayesha Shah40.

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Avinash Tripathi41.

“Take a Walk” by Ajay Devgn and Prasanna Saha42.

“Gauri” by Vikas Khanna and Alyssa Dutta43.

“All Things Indian” from Anupam Dutt and Ashok Kumar44.

“Be My Guest” by Subhash Sharma and Suman Gajapathi45.

“Stay Alive” by Shyam Sunder and Ravi Shukla46.

“Singh” by Jaya Kapoor47.

“Happy Hour” by Sudhir Kumar and Mihir Kumar48.

“Time to Go” by C.

K Sridhar and Aravind Thakur49

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