How the Travel Shorts Are Getting Back to Basics

A new study from the Norwegian travel agency on the trendiness of the shorts has highlighted the value of wearing them once in a while and the potential for getting back to basics.

The report, titled “Fjallrahven Travel Shirts”, was published this week and focused on shorts and how they have been embraced in a new generation of travellers.

In a nutshell, the study found that shorts are still an important part of travellers’ wardrobe and it is worth remembering that they can still be worn even if they are worn more than once a week.

“The travel shorts have always been important and the trendiest shorts were made for travelling, which is why we created this report.

They are still the most important fashion item in travellers’ backpacks,” said Bjorn Holmberg, head of marketing and brand strategy at the travel agency.

The shorts are a part of the long-term travel wardrobe, but are also great for dressing up as a friend.

They can be worn once a day or every day, as long as they are clean and have no signs of wear, like scratches or stains.

Holmberg also pointed out that shorts should be worn to the office, in the evenings, and at the beach.

“Travel shorts are great for the summer and can be a great wardrobe accessory if you want to wear them every day,” he said.

“For more formal events, they are great to wear for parties and parties can be much more stylish when wearing them every morning.”

While the shorts are definitely not a fashion item to be afraid of, they still come with a few caveats.

The travel agency said that shorts shouldn’t be worn with other items such as hats, sunglasses or other clothing that would be difficult to clean up.

The company also suggested wearing shorts to work to reduce your impact on the environment.

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